About Us

Our story starts way back in May 2010 when our MD, Eddie Harrison, decided to take the plunge and go freelance to start a small web business. Due to the complexities of managing multiple bespoke websites at his previous company, his mission for the business was to create a single system to build and manage websites more effectively.

Over the course of two and a half years, Eddie developed an extensive website management system that reached beta testing but unfortunately nothing more beyond that. During the course of that time, only a single website was put live and therefore he had to find money to support himself. He ended up dabbling in freelance development work and even went back to part-time employment.

He realised however, that although he may have had the development skills to build the system, he didn't have the business skills required to pull it all together. This realization resulted in him taking 18 months out to go and work at two growing SMEs as head of both technology and operations.

The ability to see all aspects of the businesses in these roles and the hands-on experience gave Eddie invaluable knowledge and skills that he could later bring back to his website management project.

Eddie came back with a much larger vision of the company that he would like to build and wanted the brand he built to be able to move into other industries and businesses in the future. This resulted in the websites business being developed under an extension of the company; Kadifoo Websites, rather than the Kadifoo name itself.

Kadifoo Websites was started back up again in May 2014, exactly four years after it's inception. Eddie took what he had learnt, went out to the market and checked the viability of the product again, got a few partners on board, developed version one of the new system, put four initial websites live and then relaunched with some new branding and design in September 2014.

To find out more about Kadifoo and other products and services that we offer, please see our company website; www.kadifoo.com.

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